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remember that one time it sounded like the interviewer called louis a ball licker on live australian television and his whole life flashed before his eyesimage

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(‘fun’ fact about me)

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Just saw someone on twitter made this post. I have never seen this before. You could just imagine the dream team gloating will someone got shaved for charity.

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[7/?] favourite people → harry edward styles

"I think you have to be cool to be a good flirt, and I don’t think I’m very cool."

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gonna leave a bun overnight in hopes of getting some waves. i’ll probably look a mess but fuck it

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all my larry feelings → how much cooking do you boys do?

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But Louis looks so into it, all concentrated and serious about what he’s doing. Like, there’s a contest. 'Win a romantic candlelight dinner with Harry Styles', a contest to promote a charity event. And how could Louis let anyone win this? Harry’s not cut out to go on a date with a crazy fan. What if the winner would be annoying, or kidnap Harry? Or worse, try kiss him? No, no, no, Louis has to sign up and win this.

And Harry has to narrow down the number of contestants by a quiz, but being Harry, he asks questions like 'What is my favourite food' and that doesn’t really narrow it down, because, all of the contestants answer 'bananas!' in their mails. So Liam sits down with Harry and helps him pick some more difficult questions. Like, 'What would your ideal date look like?' and 'What would you do on your last day on earth' and 'If you had to describe yourself as an visual arts style, which one would you be'.

And Louis stays in the contest, under the disguise of DannyPlaysFootie, every round by answering ‘I’d order pizza and watch a romantic comedy, snog on the sofa and fall asleep under the same blanket’ and 'I'd spent it in bed with the one I love' and 'Probably expressionism, because it's unstructured and colourful and just the right amount of crazy'.

Louis, of course, keeps an close eye on Harry’s decisions, but doesn’t ever push him in any direction. He wants to win, but he wants Harry to genuinely decide for him. It’s hard, though, when there’s tough competition, a user going by BananaDancer, always being the first Harry picks, and winning every round.

The last week comes around, and of course, Louis couldn’t keep it to himself, so he told Zayn about it. He’s in the final two, he has to compose one last final message to Harry, and he types out 'I just want you to go with your heart, and hope your heart picks me', feeling incredibly cheesy, but of course Zayn thinks it’s perfect.

But Louis doesn’t win, only receives a last mail from Harry, perfectly polite and grateful, spelling out that it’s been such a close call, but that BananaDancer had had the better answer this time, and that Harry had picked that one.

However, on the night of the dinner being held, a big, black limousine waits outside of the studio, a driver opening the door for Louis, the other three boys just smirking at him, Niall is wiggling his eyebrows, Liam’s smiling incredibly fond and Zayn’s winking at him. Louis frowns, but then Harry’s right there next to him, taking his hand, grinning widely. 

'I ordered pizza and rented a few romantic comedies,' he tells Louis, tugging him closer. “Thought we could prepone the snogging.'

And of course Harry had been BananaDancer, had participated in his own stupid contest to win the date for Louis, until he had found out that Louis had registered himself.

And although Louis wants to be mad - at Harry for making him lose, even though he had known DannyPlaysFootie had been Louis, and at the rest of the boys, because they had known, fucking known all along - he prepones the snogging to the backseat of the limousine, beating Harry at that. Ha.

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Animation practice

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part 24/?

Harry Styles appreciation post part 2 (part 1)

Zayn | Louis | Niall | Liam | One Direction | Where We Are Tour

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AU in which Harry Styles is an enigmatic vampire quietly living in an abandoned castle somewhere in England mostly minding his own business and eating kale and multivitamins in lieu of blood these days, wearing very dramatic overcoats and generally being quite bored until four hapless teen boys dare each other to break into the castle to prove there is no such things as vampires, and Harry couldn’t be more delighted to finally have people over for tea and once they get over the whole undead glampire business they all get on like a house on fire

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Rixton band: ‘Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A 1000 percent. You know when someone walks into a room and you just go - this kid’s got it.’
Scott Mills: ‘He literally does walk into a room and everyone stops. And it’s not just because he’s famous, he just has an aura about him.’

Scott Mills and Rixton talking about Harry Styles on Scott Mills Show, 17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1

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